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Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Bigger, Faster Design Google Glass is heading back to Work Place

what are google glasses

What are Google glasses

Google Glass is a kind of wearable gadget which has an Optical Head – Mounted Display also know as OHMD, which was developed by Google Corp and an intention of manufacturing mass to market ever-present computer the function of this wearable gadget is that it can show information like an smart phone which is an hands free configuration.

Here wearers communicate through internet and Natural language voice commands. Initially Google was selling this trial product to only qualified Glass explorers in the United States since 15th April, 2013 with an price tag of $1.5k, also later this was made available to public on 15th May, 2014 at almost same price.
On 15th Jan, 2015 Google had informed that it will stop manufacturing the Glass prototype but maintained to develop of this device. As per Google team, which is known as Project Glass was made available to come out of its Google labs, which was the experiment phase of project

Google glass explained by Marques Brownlee

Google Glass was built-up by Google X, the facility within Google dedicated to technological advancements such as cars without necessity of drivers.
Google Glass is slighter and thinner than its previous models which were head-mounted display designs.
The Google Glass sample resembled standard eyeglasses with the lens replaced by a head-up display. In mid-2011, Google engineered a prototype that weighed 8 pounds or 3,600g by 2013 they were lighter than the average pair of sunglasses.
In April 2013, the Explorer Edition was made available to Google I/O developers in the United States for $1,500.
A Glass prototype seen at Google I/O in June 2012
The product was publicly informed in April 2012. Sergey Brin wore a prototype of the Glass to an April 5, 2012, Foundation Fighting Blindness event in San Francisco. In May 2012, Google confirmed for the first time how Google Glass could be used to cover a video.

Google glass price

  • Google Glass Explorer XE-C 2.0 (Latest Version)
  • Titanium RX Frames Rocker Style (Four Styles Available)
  • Mono Earbud for Phone, Video, & Music
  • Includes 3D Printed Dock Charging Station
  • Zip-Up Hard Case & Soft Pouch Case Included
4 new from $1,200.00 1 used from $2,000.00

How Google Glass Works

Source: Mashable

Google glass features

Glass shows off what options users have available, ranging from taking pictures, engaging in a Google Hangout, recording a video, or sharing with others and it seems the glasses feature a small video screen that sits in for the ride a forward-facing video camera a speaker by the year and a single button on the side it will likely contain a microphone as well the device will probably communicate with your phone through wi-fi and display.

Content on the video screen as well as respond to voice prompts from the user Google put together a short video showing some other features to expect mainly it seems geared toward social networking in a few other APs like navigation communication although it's the first step towards a truly augmented reality world at the moment.

it doesn't look like glasses will offer the true augmented reality experience that we were all hoping that the future we may see blessed have video screens the cover your entire field view so that a true augmented reality experience can be achieved my vision of a our glasses is one that uses 3D camera tracking and 3D computer models that are displayed on top the real objects will envision a walking into a grocery store wearing augmented reality glasses and seeing video advertisements displayed on product boxes the product's packaging will act as markers for the 3D camera tracking and with glasses recognize it builders play a video or 3D computer model on top the product greeting cards are another great example homer card has a line about this material.

Greeting cards but you need a computer and a webcam to view them imagine that getting a greeting card from someone at looking at the Rock minute will soon be reality on glasses and you can see in 3D models displayed on it over fireworks flying up the spelling out happy birthday hair glasses would also make being a mechanic much easier imagine looking at an engine and having the 3D specs displayed on top of that telling you what to fix and how to fix it so that it'll also make gaming much more interactive imagine two people wearing augmented reality glasses and playing a game together each one would be able to see and interact with the same video game characters as if they were in the real world you could play a game of virtual catching the part where you play a real world version of Street Fighter it's not hard to imagine a world where concerts and trade shows at 3D environments are people wearing hair glasses could see and interact with and at the moment we're a long way from this but Google as always will be taking the first step into a world augmented reality.

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