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Monday, January 5, 2015

SEO Interview Questions That Can Help You To Prepare For Better Job

SEO Interview Questions SEO India

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is  promoting or selling of products by making use of electronic devices and platforms like websites, mobile apps, social networking websites.

So this is latest trend in the Job Market through which many professionals are attracted and also who are looking to switch their jobs into the field of Digital Marketing, which has huge potential when compared to other jobs.

But your first question would be do I fit into these job of SEO ANALYST, SEO MARKETER, CONTENT CREATOR, BRAND PROMOTING and various other jobs. My answer would be that any individual who has passion towards internet technologies, willing to stay updated and enjoys working towards these technologies and intend to promote business, products, brands can definitely switch their jobs and if you are an fresher looking to enter this field then definitely you would be preferred to have in-depth knowledge into this dynamic profile.
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So is digital marketing just about getting your webpage just top of the Search Engine? No because it is just not about refining the search results but has more scope and this profile requires in depth knowledge like how an website is built, exposure in HTML coding, how search engine works with its latest updates and how its affects the results and your brand.

This profession needs and individual to be analytical with creativity where his work can be ranked among the best and can compete with the top Digital Marketers.

SEO Interview Questions

Source & Credits: SEO Moz

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