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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How To Earn Money With Options Trading | Long Strangle - Nov 2014

Markets are not predictable. But how you get an chance to earn money whether bullish or bearish market, so here is the experimented worksheet where i have tried implementing Long Strangle which is Neutral Strategy for the month of Nov 2014.

This worksheet is simple where if you have invested two lots of Nifty Call and Nifty Puts which is 25 x 2 so buying quantity for Call and Put would be 50 + 50. I have recorded the dates on Oct, 30 2014 and bought as per below details:

  • Nifty Call 8200 at near Day's Low - Rs.76 x 2 lots (50 qty) = Rs.3800 + Rs.50(Brok + Tax) = Rs.3850.00
  • Nifty Put 8150 at near Day's Low - Rs.86 x 2 lots (50 qty) = Rs.4300 + Rs.50(Brok + Tax) = Rs.4350.00
So as per above calculation my total cost for Long Strangle implementation is Rs.8200.00(Brokerage charges vary so this is just for example).
Oct 24th this Neutral Strategy has given profit of Rs.8600.00 (Excluding Brokerage)


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