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Monday, November 10, 2014

How Can Morality Boost Children Thinking (Panchatantra Stories For Kids In English With Video)

story for kids - panchatantra stories
“Can You Motivate” your children, as per many child psychologists you cannot create motivation and somebody else this is the danger of strong parents who feel that because they are personally motivated they can lay their motivation on the hands of their children motivation is internal and there's a very simplistic formula for what is motivating activity plus a sense of satisfaction motivation
Activity with stress and pressure equals avoidance so if you want motivated individual what you do is create an environment where they can be successful and feel good about what they're doing and that is the internal engine for motivation


What do you need on encouragement you will find it is something that causes you pleasure whether it's gardening or whether it's running a company it is something that gives you personal satisfaction so no one has to tell you to do it think about something that you do not like to do have to be reminded of the pressure to do that and it usually an activity that creates stress so the key to motivating as a parent to try to find an environment try to make the activity as positive as possible for example school often becomes an enormous issue but very often they are getting critical messages about school study harder work harder get better grades the whole activity of learning gets imbued with the sort of an anxiety and stress and so we find that children are not motivated if in fact we are getting positive messages loving what you try but if you love is that you never give up what a great idea feel how exciting is to see you express yourself but those are the kinds of positive language that you are using as it relates to learning environment you'll find a child to become a little bit because they don't feel good about it.

Choose right books to boost the morality of your children, stories are more interesting often children are curious to listen to stories.

Beautiful stories for children and most of them remember the stories that they have listened during their younger days, also you might have grown reading or hearing these stories from your granny's everyday which has given moral boost to your lives and also helped balance the life in most untoward situations of life also when too much of  materialistic is fed to an child it would end in fighting into fittest for the survival and exploit the innocence, hence civilization needs to be balanced with moral values also implanting it in children's mind will give greater tool to help them sustain the losing moments of their life so rather I would tell life needs to be simple and natural. Panchatantra, this has great moral lessons in all of its stories which provokes the readers thoughts and directs in right way. So readers mind will set to adopt them in their day-to-day life. These stories were compiled in Sanskrit language by one of the scholar Pandit Vishnu Sharma in Third BC, in the earlier civilization.

The Best of Panchatantra

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 Nice stories, great pictures & a very good collection of stories to read to your young kids. Worth a buy to introduce your kids to the world of moral stories. Value for money.

101 Panchatantra Stories

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It is an excellent book, there are 101 short stories, approximately one story per page where half page contains picture explaining the story. Quality of paper used is really good.

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