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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Learn How to Upgrade Your Android Smartphone Manually(5.1.1 Lollipop Up gradation Video)

how to upgrade you android smartphone

Why Should I Upgrade to Android Phone with Latest Version ?

Most of the smart phone users have this question in the mind, so the answer is "users choice", may be not tough decision to upgrade. Android features is comparatively different to iPhone because more models are made available. So couple of months there could be best smart phone available with latest version, so it should not be hard to go on buying latest phones as and when its available in the market. But best phone is best until latest version is released so most people prefer to wait for newer models with latest versions. But most users try to avoid getting new models rather upgrade with latest versions for the smart phone.

Upgrading is necessary to speed up the functions of your smart phone, enjoy the latest OS and apps. Latest OS give you new functions. Jelly Beans gives option of multiple user accounts, KitKat has improved Google Now with caller Identification.

How to Know Your Android Device is up-to date:

Once you have decided to upgrade your smartphone, its preferred to check the running version of your Android OS. May be your device has latest version installed and running on it.

How to upgrade your Android smartphone:

1. Backup data of your phone like contacts, photos and videos. Normally upgrading should not affect your data but data backup is prefered.

2. Select Setting Menu on you phone just identify spanner logo.

3. Select the About Phone from your Settings (with i mark logo).

4. Menu can vary slightly depending on the handsets or model, also you can find the details of your version.

5.Device will now check for available updates, select the update check.

6. Now you see an pop up and option whether "You Wish to Install It". Select Yes to update and system will upgrade to latest version, you would require Wi-Fi for faster download. Once the upgrade is downloaded just restart your smartphone, this completes the up gradation.

How to Manually install official Android 5.1 video by TechyGeek:

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