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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Elle 18 Products For Young And Vibrant Skin (5 Minutes Read Article)

elle 18
Elle 18 Products
"When you are rushing to class or preparing for 
a sudden date, the Elle 18 range will be
your bestie giving you that perfect look! So dress 
up, get your Elle 18 makeover." 
Above phrase makes you remember the advertisement from Elle 18.

Pomegranate Pie 08.

This comes in a very good black looking package and looks trendy and cute. Carry this on your travel but be sure to place in well packed bag because there could be times when it may stain everything in your bag. So you have to be careful regarding that.
About the ingredients , its only mentioned cocoa butter and it has a strong smell of cocoa and sometimes it smells like chocolate also which is really good.


Pink colour This will be suitable for all the skin tones from medium to fair to dusky to deeper skin tones. This is a very good pink shade which suits every skin tone.
It is very creamy and its very moisturising as you can see the center of this lipstick does looks like an lip balm . So it doesn't dries your lips out in any way.
Staying power is below average because it will stay on your lips for maximum two hours if you are not having meals. So If you have meals then its gone. You
will have to reapply it.
The pigmentation is really nice because if you swipe it once then you will get the true colour. So it will cover your pigmented lips really well.
Mystery Mauve 20: This is one pretty shade which you can experience the best shade. It is a very good Mauve shade which suits medium to dark skin tones very well. But its not recommend for very deeper skin tones because normally its believed that it will give you a washed out appearance . As said earlier its got a lip balm in the center and its very moisturising. It does not have that pigmentation compared to the Pomegranate Pie. You will have to swipe it 2-3 times to get the true color. Its a very good for daily wear colour. You can wear it in office , you can wear it in college because it has a very light tint of mauve.

Frosted Cherry: In is the shade you can see that there is a little bit of shimmer in it so according to most of women this is not something everyone like because most may not prefer shimmered lipstick, once the colour is gone its very difficult to remove.
Are you looking for particular colour badly but unable to find it on shops so here is the exact shades from Elle 18 with details:

1.Elle 18 Color Burst Lipstick, Rosy Blush 27, 4.3ml

Buy Here - Elle 18 Color Burst Lipstick, Rosy Blush 27, 4.3ml

2.Elle 18 Kajal, 3ml
Elle 18 Kajal

Buy Here - Elle 18 Kajal, 3ml

3.Elle 18 Color Burst Lipstick, Maroon Iris 25, 4.3ml

elle 18 burst lipstick, maroon Iris

Buy Here - Elle 18 Color Burst Lipstick, Maroon Iris 25, 4.3ml

4.Elle18 Out Liner, Black (Pack of 3)

Elle18 Out Liner, Black (Pack of 3)

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