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Monday, October 27, 2014

Learn How to Download Youtube Video That Interests You

how to download youtube videos
You are watching interesting video, so most of the people like to save their favourite videos on their computer hard disks, what are the options.


Here is the list of resources for all who searching for "how to download youtube video easy and fast".

Open Your Firefox browser, if you are not using Firefox browser, just google for or just click here to download the link, once you have successfully downloaded then just install.
Quick check: What is new with Mozilla's Firefox

1.After you have sucessfully installed Mozialla's Firefox on your computer then go to tools - Add-ons. This action will open new tab.

2. Goto search then type Download Helper. You will get many options on this search, just identify with red, blue & yellow circles.

3. Just click and install the addons on your browser.

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4. Restart or Close and reopen your browser, so now your addon should be visible.

download video
5. Select the video which you need to download it on your computer right click then select media so you will see different options for flv files, 720p, 480p, 380p, 360p and etc.,

6.Select one of the file types (you can select mp4) and then just 'save' it to your computer harddrive and your preferred location.

Note: If you are reusing the content for you new video just confirm the you have all the rights from the owner of that video.

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